Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Star Wars

G'day all. Time for one of my sporadic updates. At this time I want to show you all how many little SW kits are on my bench approaching completion. Or at least done being assembled and are on the primer stage or at least close to it.
First up is the Z-95 Headhunter mastered by Michael"Lichtbringer"Hoffman and casted by JPG Productions. A damn near perfect kit. I might do this one as the black and gold version flown on Coruscant by Tycho Celchu.
I know the pre-shading looks a little heavy and messy but thats because I havnt picked up the airbrush in months and I found myself really out of practice. It took my hand several attempts to get back in the groove.

Next the McQuarrie concept X-wing, Mastered by Richard"REL"Long. I'm so glad he made this little gem because I always liked this version better than the on-screen one. A little tricky to do because you have to have the pilot and cockpit painted before you seal the two halves of the fuselage together. I removed some of the masking so that you can see in there before the final paint goes on. I will do it up as seen in the original painting.

Here we see the A-9 Vigilance I was scratching up. I still need to do the panel
lines on the wings and the gun turret underneath. Still not my favorite ship but I have never seen one built so I needed to do it. I originally meant to try to master it as a kit and built landing gear into the engine pods but like no one seemed interested in one as a kit so now its just something for me.

The final group of shots are of the TIE Predators kits from Scale Solutions. These are going to look so cool when painted and in formation. I need to re-apply the black as flat black doesnt work for the solar panels.

The TIE Defender from REL. I am still hoping to get a replacement set of wings from someone who scratched a better looking set(hear that clevischi?)

Then the Chiss Clawcraft, again another little jewel from REL. And lastly another Defender body that needs wings, The TIE raptor by clevischi and the perfect little A-wing by RB-26.

All of them have been assembled with very little modification as I'm finding that the more I try to customize a kit I build the less I get done. These are to be out of the box builds.
Basically I intend to get all these done over the Christmas holidays. Wish me luck and I'll post when theres something to show.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

back on a Star Wars kick

Thanx to 3 kits arriving this week Im back in a full on SW kick.
Ist is the TIE raptor by Clevischi. More info on it is here:
Not my favorite subject but its a TIE variant, its 1/72 so I must have it.

2nd to arrive this week is the Retrokit Cloud Car, also in 1/72.
Im of 2 minds on this one. On the one hand very nicely detailed as you can see, but not very well engineered. And by that I mean look at the awful seam right thru the main detail of the engine pod. That could have been molded better. Also the way the engine pod attaches to the body pods is, well, laughable. Im apparently supposed to drill and pin it. Not impossible but its a pain and an unnecessary pain because a slot or some other idea could have been built into the master especially since the the body pods come in 2 pieces each(top and bottom) and have to be sandwiched together. Also a pain because there is no marker points to facilitate this so its easy to mis-align the body halves.
Anyway, Im still happy to have this kit because its a subject Ive always wanted.

Finally, the McQuarrie concept X-wing in 1/72 as mastered by REL. Beautiful on all counts. Great detail and very well casted. The usual flash but no bubbles and Im amazed that he was able to get the rod absolutly centered in the gun barrels. Thats talent.

Ive taken stock and it seems that I have about 10 or 12 SW in various stages right now. I think it is time for me to focus on the kits and get them done and on display before I buy any new kits.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well shit guys, I cant believe how long its been since I posted last. I guess Im still not used to the idea of blogging on a regular basis.
Today Im just posting a few photos on something I cranked out over the last couple of weeks.
The Battlemech Sunder.
I was looking at the legs I had from my Hellbringer mech and thought Id do the Inner Sphere mod real quick like. I did the torso over a 2 night period and then spent a couple of days modding the legs just a bit. Also reshaped the feet.
Another mech ready for the paint pile.
Its sort of a blend between the MW3 style and MW4 version as you can see from the guns and other detail bits.
Last photo is with the light Locust mech.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well a new box arrived today, from Ravenstar Studios, the Battletech Wolverine.
Another large chunk of resin with Chris' usual touch. You can read all about it here:
What I like about this kit is he has designed it with the various options, different armament, different heads, or cockpit as it were, and ease of poseability. Certain joints will to be pinned for strength.
My only issue with it, and no offense intended here Chris, is proportions.
As you can see from this photo below, this 55 ton mech stands next to a Griffin. Another 55 ton mech, they should be the same height right? Or at least a little closer, I may shorten the legs by 3/8 of an inch just to satisfy my eye.
But this is just my initial impression and should not be a discouragement for you if you want to get one. On the whole this is a cool kit and Im so glad Chris made it.
As much as I want to dig in to this one and start building and modifying it , it will go on the shelf for now.
Now if only someone, other than Tim, Chris or myself would master a Battletech Mech, especially the unseen Battlemaster, life would be good.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello all, Ive been a little busier than usual with real life(dont you hate when life gets in the way of models?) but once again I sidestepped onto something else.
I was looking at the little Anigrand Nebulon B Frigate wondering why I hadnt put it together yet then I remembered. I wanted to pour some rubber on it and make a variant.
So here it is assembled, no paint yet. Sorry.
I recasted( dirty word I know but its only for my use, not for sale, so get the sand out of your vagina) the main body, removed the lower section and scratched a few new details and voila, a Nebulon B2.
Influenced heavily by this CG image I found. Of course, now that I look at it , it looks like a Humpback whale dont you think?
Nevertheless, it'll make a fine addition to my growing 1/2256 fleet.

Monday, July 19, 2010

hello all, I have a few things to share this week.
First I got home from work today to find 2 packages waiting for me.
Ah that joy of joys we all know.
Pak 1 had the amazing RB26 1/72 A-wing in it, the second Ive bought. Id love to buy more but Im not rich and it is a limited run. Im not greedy, Id like others to own one.
besides being one of the most detailed little kits ever, it also has the clearest resin canopy ever. Damned impressive.
The second pak contains the Scale Solutions 1/72 TIE Predator. Wayne always surprises me with the way he packs things. All that protective styrofoam when others(including myself) would be satisfied with using a baggy.
Anyway,its a solid chunk of resin, quite heavy for its size. And well worth the money, Im going to need 2 more I think.

Next up, a little experiment that has actually gone right. Shrinking a mold! Yup, I casted up some random parts to see if this trick would work for me and Lo! It has.
Here is the result, down by 15% Id say.
I just added 50% mineral spirits to the rubber, mixed thoroughly, poured and allowed to sit for about3 weeks and the rubber slowly shrank. The rubber was set enough within 24 hours at which point I removed the pieces and let the shrinking commence.
Its just good to know that it does work, Im not a great caster either. So anyone can do it. This will be useful.
Thats all for now. Later.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ok, the first small update and this one is about the Hunchback.
I spent the last few days prepping the legs for a new knee joint and adding guns in place of the old arms. Im liking it but I'll let you be the judge.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A beginning

Well finally, after many a moon, and after following other awesome builds all over the net, I have decided to start blogging about the piddling crap that clutters my work bench.
Some of you out there know me and want to see how I scratchbuild models, others couldnt give a crap. Some just want to see what Im up to now.
Well its usually Star Wars subjects and Battletech mechs that keep me busy, and I regularly switch my focus back and forth.
Right now Im back on a BT kick. Thanx to a couple of kits coming from RavenStar Studios.
Chris(aka RSS) juts released a Hunchback mech and a Wolverine mech.
Photos here:
Im rarely happy to leave a kit as is..... and the Hunch is no exception. Im going to modify it slightly.
1- Im going to lose the arms and put on large lasers
2-going to saw the legs and add pose-able knee joints
3- shortening the ankle ball joint a little, just dont like the way it is right now.

Well Im new to blogging so I dont know when the next post will be, a day or so, and I'll post some photos of what Im talking about.

Oh and I'll post some shots of what else is on my work bench.