Saturday, October 23, 2010

back on a Star Wars kick

Thanx to 3 kits arriving this week Im back in a full on SW kick.
Ist is the TIE raptor by Clevischi. More info on it is here:
Not my favorite subject but its a TIE variant, its 1/72 so I must have it.

2nd to arrive this week is the Retrokit Cloud Car, also in 1/72.
Im of 2 minds on this one. On the one hand very nicely detailed as you can see, but not very well engineered. And by that I mean look at the awful seam right thru the main detail of the engine pod. That could have been molded better. Also the way the engine pod attaches to the body pods is, well, laughable. Im apparently supposed to drill and pin it. Not impossible but its a pain and an unnecessary pain because a slot or some other idea could have been built into the master especially since the the body pods come in 2 pieces each(top and bottom) and have to be sandwiched together. Also a pain because there is no marker points to facilitate this so its easy to mis-align the body halves.
Anyway, Im still happy to have this kit because its a subject Ive always wanted.

Finally, the McQuarrie concept X-wing in 1/72 as mastered by REL. Beautiful on all counts. Great detail and very well casted. The usual flash but no bubbles and Im amazed that he was able to get the rod absolutly centered in the gun barrels. Thats talent.

Ive taken stock and it seems that I have about 10 or 12 SW in various stages right now. I think it is time for me to focus on the kits and get them done and on display before I buy any new kits.

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