Saturday, February 18, 2012

Its been a month

So what have I been up to this last month? More Battletech of course!
I decided to tackle the paper plans of the Deimos.
In styrene and resin again.
Those damn legs gave me the most trouble, oh and the torso, and the missile pods... lets just say getting all those angles and facets right are damn tricky.
For an experiment I tried using poly caps on the hip joint. It basically just gives a wider range of posse-ability but it barely holds the weight of the torso so the whole thing wants to fall over.
I guess eventually Ill just super glue it all in a final pose.

You'll notice that for the feet I broke from the norm and made it a four toe design.
Some images out there, including the paper plans, show it with a 5 toe design. Ive also seen images where the front of the foot is one big pad. I didn't like either of the those. The 4 toe works better for me.

Other than that I think it looks damn cool next to my MadCat.
Who would win this fight?