Monday, July 30, 2012

Locust is here

Well the first 15 kits are in my hand and I would like to show you a few shots. Heres all of the bits laid out.
 A few problems that need to be dealt with though. 1st theres the ankle joint, some warping occurred down the line. Some sanding and putty should deal with it.
( edit: the leg masters is being touched up and recast, should have new parts in a couple of weeks.)
 A bubble in the body molds  leads to extra resin we dont want but a  1/4 drill bit will take care of that.

 A 1/8 drill bit will take care of the overpour in the locator holes here.

 Same here.

Glue both sides of the upper legs together, the pins going into the legs. You may want to sand and putty to hide the big seam here.

The missile pods and shoulder stalk. Be careful with the alignment. Id wait to the end of assembly to make sure you got everything pointing where you want.

 Antenna and sensor pod 

 The feet obviously. Gonna need some putty and sanding though.
 And before you know it a completed Locust standing on your desk.
 The ball turret underneath can be glued on of course but Im planning on adding a couple of magnets so it can rotate forever.
 Wheres a swarm when you need one?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A quick update on the Locust.

Id just like to announce officially that the Locust is in the rubber and my costs have been tallied, so as of this moment it will be a limited run of 25-30 kits(depending on how many pulls we get out of the rubber) and Im selling the Locust for $49 plus $10 for shipping in the North Am region.  Overseas will be $20 for shipping.
As usual, a decal sheet with various house and merc  symbols will be included.

Note: as of   7/17, 16 kits have been paid for, meaning only 9 more are  up for grabs.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Finished and painted! My scratchbuilt 1/60 scale Grey Death Thanatos.
Again started with the paper plans by Blaar to get the size and proportions right but then I deviated as I do to arrive at something more to my liking.  Plus with so many different artists interpretations of the mech its hard to select just one version to do.  I always end up picking the bits and pieces that I like to get the final piece.