Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hey all

Hello all.  Just a note to say I dont really have an interest in uploading to this blog anymore.

I should explain.  Its not that Im stopping with model building per se. Its this damn blog page. I cant upload pics to it anymore. I used to just take a pic with my camera and transfer it to my computer to upload to the blog.
But now thanx to windows 10, my camera wont talk to my computer. It just wont acknowledge the connection.   Ive tried every patch that was suggested but nope.   Ok so I used my phone.  A samsung  but now that wont even talk to  my computer. Win10 and Samsung hate each other and wont even look at each other.
So the last few months Ive been posting to places like Facebook, cause I can do that from my phone but quality pics they aint.   I tried that with the blog but unless Im using some google gallery I cant.
And now This blog page wont accept direct uploads from my computer, only google albums(which I dont use) from my phone(which it wont do) or from a webcam? WTF.  This is a hassle and Im fed up with it.
Thanx for all your support over the years guys, Ive really enjoyed talking to you and helping the people with question about building and Im proud of the kits you've built and shared with me.
But for now, if you want to see any builds I post It will just be on the Satrship modeler Facebook page or the  Battletech painting and customs Facebook page.
Later all.

Monday, January 16, 2017

My new fav

You may have seen, here and there, the awesome art of   Florian "SpOoKy777" Mellies. Check out his deviantart page if you havnt.

Anyway, I asked if he could do a portrait piece for me and after a couple of weeks and a very reasonable fee, my new fav artwork.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Simon's Hunchback finally done.

Yup Finally after a year or so I finally got around to painting up Simon's awesome Hunchie. This is the Sherman pattern as I have in the game. Cause y'know, he's tanky.   I wish  I could have gotten another one.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New Urbie in town

 Just finished painting this new little bugger with a loadout I run in game. 1 large pulse laser, 1 med pulse and four machine guns to crit the shit outta ya. With a top speed of 104 kph and a couple jump jets, I can get in and out of trouble easily.
 Also you may notice a new addition in the back there. A diagnostic station. I had this made for 3d printing based on the console that can be seen in the back of the mech lab in game.
If you  would like one printed see my boy here:
It can be printed in a multitude of scales.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Finally moved into the mech bay.

So hey there. Last post was mooooonnnnnths ago, I was working on details for the Firestarter and Jagermech and I finally got around to painting them. Wanna see?

 Jagermech arriving
 And powers down.

So both got painted as I play them in the game.  I dont remember the name of the pattern on the Firestarter but the Jager is in Fractal. Masking that bugger took awhile.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Details to be had

Hello all. Amidst all the other things Im up to, I took a couple of days to work on a couple mechs I picked up from Thor .
Now these are 3d printed(duh) in abs plastic, like most home based printers, and like always, these prints can be very rough to the touch. They need putty and sanding and primer and sanding to get them at least sort of smooth. There are other tricks for smoothing abs and pla plastics but I havnt used them yet.  Also, occasionally the layers can split. I find a liberal dose of methylene chloride(basically Ambroid pro-weld) and a clamp works wonders for that issue.
Next issue with these printed mech, certain details arent there. I would imagine these missing details are painted on skin for the game meshes which get lost when you are printing the geometry. Just because theres an X on that mech doesnt mean the X will print. SO, that means I have to add an X. Or whatever. 
So with these next few pics you can see where Ive adding missing details.
 The Firestarter Im building as my Fav in the game, with 7 small pulse lasers. Also to come will be 2 AMS pods on his shoulders.
 Here you can see the "bumper rails" that needed to be added. Ive seen others,( Simon) do this using brass but I can weld for shit, so styrene rod for me.
 A few tiny Wave option parts come in handy.
 Next, my Jagermech. "Boom Stick".  He's packing 2 AC 20's and 2 medium lasers.  I had to carefully remove the  gun barrels that were there, and build 2 new big barrels to better match the in game versions.
 And again more detail plates here and there.  Ive run out of styrene rod so I havnt made his bumper rails yet. Then the primer and paint.
 Next to get a detail pass, the Crab.
 Oh and I painted the girders on my Mech Bay but they came out way too dark. So, off to the LHS to buy more paint!
Thanx for looking guys!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jenner standing by

Time for bed but before I go, heres a couple of pics.  The Jenner, of course, standing in the big ongoing project which has a few new details.

The girders will eventually be painted the orange color thats everywhere else, also there is a crane arm Im working on. So that will add some more interest. Also crates, munitions and ground crew will also work their way in. Slowly.