Friday, February 28, 2014

The Creeper

Not its real name..
But recently acquired from an individual I cant name until Im sure he wants the attention.....
This big guy was "grown" by rapid prototyping. And its rough. Its pvc plastic and its layering is definitely not as fine as you would get from a place like Shapeways but I can work with it. I mean Ive worked with a kit or two with worse.

So here you can see the main body with the groin.
If you look close you can see the layering effect clearly. This is after a while of adding Tamiya Putty and sanding. Then a blast of primer and more sanding and the roughness is diminished,
I wont get it totally smooth and Im cool with that.

 I hadnt touched the foot yet so you can see the layers better here. There are so many facets Ill never get them  all perfect but perfection is not my goal.

 And the bottom of the foot is where you can really get an idea of just how this printer lays down the pvc to get a solid shape.

 The pod is coming along. After more sanding  and another coat of primer the paint job should hide any imperfections. I may replace the laser lenses for a better effect.
And yes the pod doors open. A very nice touch.