Sunday, May 29, 2016


Hello all. So for the last few weeks Ive been doing a little painting here and there. Nothing to show off cause nothings done really. But Ive been working on a few mechs as well as a few Star Wars ships Ive been ignoring for way too long. My mech bay is primed an soon Ill get to painting that.
But what I wanted to talk about was the slightly ignored subject of the Aerospace fighters in the BT universe. My most favorite being the Corsair.

And for those of you that dont know it was based on the Siren fighter from the Anime Crusher Joe.

These are pics of the 1/100 model thats kinda hard to find these days. The artist straightened the fuselage and gave it a more Battlestar Galactica Viper kind a feel to my eye. This model is just too small for us to build and mod and have sit next to the 1/60 kits that we love. So i had one 3d printed for me.

As you can see Im already doing a few mods to it as it was built with the miniature as the map. I just feel the engine detail wasnt what I wanted. Also Im thinking about adding some extra details here and there and a cockpit and pilot.
But Im also thinking I need more than one, 3 or 5 for a squad. So maybe if there are a few out there who'd like to have one  maybe Ill get a full cast job done.  If there are any interested parties out there
drop me a line  and lets see what happens.