Sunday, February 22, 2015

time to re-visit

So hey, a few years back I got started on a little project
a new style Correlian freighter  type ship.
And as usual I got sidetracked but its been sitting on the shelf ever since I while I still havnt decided on many key details I figured if I at least got back to it something will come to me.

So here we go with the cockpit and armor plating.

The cockpit I was thinking  of a 3 seater layout with 1 pilot front center and 2  behind. I used a few bits from my FMMF cockpit I wasnt using.

I ended up with some plating that was much bigger than the style on the Falcon, i just really wanted it to highlight the overall pattern of the hull layout you know?

And now the underside layout. Im going to do this gear up on a cool base.

Oh and one final thing Im toying with,  rather than cakeing the side wall with greeblies Im thinking maybe a bunch of these box bits Ive made up with a few greeblies and wires between. Cool thing here is I can cast them   and change the details so no 2 look alike.
 What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

So.. a little update for anyone that still comes here

Hey all, just wanted to say that the Hellspawn is finally in good hands.   Jimi at JPG Productions.
I should have just sent it to him to begin with. So hopefully 4 or 5 weeks before kits are in hand.

Meanwhile Ive been getting myself back into the knife to plastic groove. But I wanted to tackle something easy. Boxy, basic. Something that I didnt need to strive for accuracy with. So I chose one of the most boring and uninteresting ships from the StarWars universe. Boba Fett's Slave 2.

Heres some pics from the comics....

 See, boring and uninspired. 
Here's my attempt at a 1/72 version.

No paint on it yet but basic assembly is done and I think Ive managed to give this lame design at least a semblance of belonging to SW.
Now, Ive got the build bug again.