Saturday, May 26, 2012

Which mech next?

I have several mech masters that are ready to go into the rubber for casting, the trouble is I cant decide which mech to do next.
So Im asking all of you who come thru this little blog page to voice your opinion.

Please comment or email me directly at to cast your vote.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grey Death Legion

Ive been waffling on how to paint my mechs for the longest time  but Ive finally figured "why not from my favorite merc unit the Grey Death Legion?"

The Gray Death Legion has always painted its 'Mechs gray, usually opting for a gray-on-gray camouflage.

Now I grant you My Wolverine isn't strictly adhering to the colour palet but as I was painting him I wanted to try this ridgeline scheme that my associate Simon has been making so popular lately.
Im not sure if I'll keep the Wolvie this way because when my wife saw it she asked why he's wearing someone else's pants.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A quick look

At something I started recently thanx to Tim (the Teacher) Fusco. He mentioned something about how tricky it would be to make a model of the Uziel mech with all its round shapes. So I started.

With the cockpit I made use of some Aves putty sanded to shape. Not bad.
As for the round body parts I basically cut out several layers of oval(oblong?) pieces and laminated them then sanded them till I was happy. I'll eventually cast them to make left and right sides then add detail to mirror each other.
Well thats where it stands right now, more to come.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thanatos in progress

After my bud Tim sent me a couple pieces of casts of his Thanatos awhile back Ive been meaning to do one for myself. So a couple of weeks ago I got started. I printed up the paper plans at the size I thought a 75 ton mech would be . It was a little larger than the pieces that Tim sent but I remembered he said his first attempt was too small and he had to beef them up. So I did as well.
Hopefully this will be the right size because these torso pieces together look way too beefy.

And of course I have to do mine in my own way so the details will be different than Tim's. I found an image online of a mini with some alternate weapons I thought were pretty cool. The joints are the next step but Ive run out of tube. Time to go the the LHS.