Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So its been a little while since I last posted anything, its the busy season at UPS, like everywhere.
But I figured Id like to get one more post in before the end of the year.
So here we go.

First up, I finally put together my Catapault. I started this build back in 03 or 04 when my skills at scratchbuilding were so-so. I started by trying to make it look like the classic original but following the artwork of Pawel Czarnecki. That version was out of my league so then I tried the version as seen in MechAssault. Now I was doing pretty good with that one but unfortunately I couldnt get enough reference shots of that version. It went back on a shelf. Then eventually I went with the Mechwarrior4 version. Not as popular but I had tons of good shots of it thanx to finally figuring out how to get screen caps.
But again it sat on a shelf for a long time until my casting abilities were good enough to cast myself a set of feet and legs. I had only made one set as I always intended to cast it as a kit.
Well I finally just got tired of it sitting on the side and I put it together for my own pleasure.

Next, a couple of shots of a scratch of the Locust. Long story behind this one. back in 01 I was introduced to scratchbuilding thanx to this article:
And almost immediately I started to copy it. I found the donor kit and everything but then I found someone who had a cast of that very kit from the article by Mark Yungblut. I bought it without question and then my build went into a box. Until a few months ago when when I found some weapons I had from another kit that would look great on mine and so here it is. Now I have 2 Locust that both need a paint job.

And finally, my most recent build using paper plans, the 90 ton Mauler. Not my favorite design, in fact I have so many others I want to build more so I dont know why I built this one, but heres the big Mofo sans primer. Still a few more details to clean up and add but I want to get it one the blog before the new year.
Im considering selling it so make me an offer.