Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Arachnid

So this little box of joy arrived containing, well, you know.
The parts

A quick put together
Terrible shot, I know.
But after a de-grease and priming

90% of it is being held together by friction but I used  a shot of hot glue on the hips to hold the legs in place, and of course my third hand to hold it in place.
Its a little smaller than I wanted it but its still bigger than whats in the game but it still looks pretty good as a 30 ton mech next to a 35 tonner.
I should mention that 4 machine guns will be included and 4 flamers(2 for each arm as an option) as well as 2 torso lasers.

And with the 50 ton Hunchback.
Ive heard from my caster and we have a price worked out.
In order to run this kit I have to pre-sell 15 kits at $100 each plus shipping.
I know that a little steeper than normal for a kit this size but Ive had to fork out quite a bit to have the cg files cleaned and printed.
email me if interested.

This kit has been put on hold.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Small Soldiers

So recently while getting familiar with Shapeways and all its goodness I came across this
Soldiers from the Robotech, sorry, Mospeada anime. Basically space soldiers in armour. Which is cool in and of itself but even cooler was that they are available in any scale. So I had some 1/60 figures printed cause maybe Id want to do a Battletech city scene diorama someday and Im NOT using the oversized figures out there that pass for 1/60.
A true 1/60 scale figure is 28mm tall.  Most of those tabletop gaming figures, and you know the ones Im talking about, stand like 32-35 mm. Way too big.
But when I got the 1/60 ones, wouldnt you know it, they were 34 mm tall.
So what to do? I ordered his 1/72 figures and they came today.
Heres a pic.
Shapeways does nice work.
And a size it up pic with a TRUE 1/60 figure.
Note that the ground crew guy is a little taller because of his base.
Heres you can see,  28 mm.  And remember this is what was labeled as a 1/72 figure. A 1/72 figure is 25mm.

and another size it up pic.
Im a little pissed about having to pay twice to get what I want but Ill just put the bigger ones on ebay to recoup my costs.

Oh and by the way, the real reason I wanted these is because Ive been looking for a figure standing with binoculars for ever so I could make this scene.
And now Im one step closer.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

And now for something completly different

Hi all, as the title says I just wanted to show you a little something Ive wanted for years.
 What is it?  The Deep Sleep(flame gun) from Logan's Run.

2 parts are finished and the rest well under way. Another day and it should be ready for primer. I made the main body and grip by simply laminating about 12 layers of styrene and sanded it to shape.
 I know there are existing resin kits out there but because its such a basic design I felt it would be more fun to do it from scratch.
It doesnt spout flame but the trigger does work.

Later in the day I got to this point so I added a few new pics.

 Next, primer. Then lots of coats of gloss black.
Not bad for a one day build. Very satisfying.

And finally, black coats are on and Im calling it done.
Started friday morning, finished Sunday afternoon. If only all projects were this easy.

 Oh and Spider news, the parts are on the way to me so pics coming soon.