Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas joy

Hello all and Merrymerry if you celebrate.
Thanx to a wee bit of time off Ive been able to finish painting a few of the new additions to my collection.
First up my Commando COM -2D named "Sgt. Cupcake". As he appears in the game, named and colour scheme from my daughter.

This is how he appears in the game hence no decals, symbols or units numbers as yet.

 Next up "Lenore", my Raven RVN-3L. It just seemed wrong to me to paint my stealthy bird anything other than black.

 These mechs also mark my first real effort at cockpit and lense jeweling effect. Not bad, Ill get better with practice.

 And finally my Dragon DRG-1N as he appears in the game named "Cherrybomb". Again named by one of my daughters.  Hes painted in the PCGamer skin that was released a year ago. Even with all the other paint options I see no reason to change.


Hes equipped with a Gauss and 2 large lasers hence the blue lense effect.

And finally a group shot.

Later all.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Spider peak

Just a quick post to show you where we are on this little project.

I wanted to scratch this but I know my limitations and I cant expect Simon at Leg Destroyed to get to every mech I want. 
 I chose the Spider simply because I love playing with it in the game. Ive logged more time with it than any other mech. Mainly because of its speed,its  ECM and its survivability.
There something very satisfying to me to harass and piss off the big boys by running amongst them and stinging them with my lasers. Granted I dont get a ton of kills with it  but I do my fair share of the damages and I do my job as a light.
Anyhow, as you can see we're trying to get all the option bits covered, vectoring wings out or pulled back, anti-missile system,  flamer and machine guns( for both arms) and the torso laser, 1 or 2. Unfortunately, at this time, the game files has the flamer standing in for medium lasers on the arm, so no lens effect.
Oh Im giddy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

On hold

So while the most votes were for the Urbanmech only 5 people committed to the actual purchase, which says to me, not a good time to run a kit. Maybe in the spring we'll revisit the Urbie. But for now a sneak peak of whats in the future.

scroll down

a little further

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Next kit

Its the pre-Christmas season all and Id like to get a new kit in the rubber before the end of the year and Id like to run a small kit before the big Atlas goes into the rubber I think.
Right now I have 2 kits that are ready to go so Id like your opinion as to which little guys gets the rubber treatment.
The Urbanmech?About 14.5 cm tall

Or the Vulcan? About 17 cm tall.

Either would need at least 15 pre-orders to get the ball rolling.

Give me a shout at

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Id like to post a couple of pics of a Catapault in progress.

This is from the desk of Scott Christian, who has been at work for some time amassing a large collection of 1/60 scale bad-assery to have the ultimate tabletop game.

 I absolutely  love the cockpit glazing effect he did. Wish I could get mine to look that good.

Have a look here at some more of his work.
 Awesome stuff must be acknowledged.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm Done?

The Atlas that is.
As you can see it looks like its all there right? But it still needs some polish, a scribed line here, an extra doodad there. But Ive been working on this thing for so long I kinda burnt out on it hence the lack of updates. Man its big. thats what she said.
Seriously though, I really want to get it done cause theres so many other mechs to build.

 It stands 10 7/8 inches tall or 27.7 cm for our metric friends.

 As you can see I had new heads printed at a larger size. The old one were just too small.
Both the Founders style head......

And the Standard head.
The problem with the standard head though is that the collar isn't done.  I gotta get around to that.

 And here the heads side by side, you can see the difference nes't  pas?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello all

Sorry for the lack of any movement here. Ive been sidetracked the last little while with convention security, costumes  and props for Halloween for the kids and playing both Splinter Cell and Mechwarrior Online.
I have been doing some mech tweeking though. Ive been doing a little bit on the Marauder, both the old and new, doing some finishing work on the Atlas with the new heads  as well as getting started on a new  Hellspawn kit.
The Hellspawn Im tweeking so it will look like a cross between the old MW4 style and the new MWO style. And since its a 40 ton mech its a little smaller than the last few offerings and should be much cheaper to cast.
Ill some some pics to update with in a week or so.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slapping a Catapult together

 OK so I just had to put one together real quick.
While Jimi did take a while to cast these up, He did do a good job, barely any flash left and only some mold seam to cleanup.

Im sure you guys can figure out how this goes together but here's a tutorial anyway.
Starting with the feet, the joint blade/shield thing gets glued on here. And then the calf cover slips on.
 When inserting the next leg piece in you may need to drill out some overpour in the calf.
 The lower leg piece should sit at a slight upward angle.
You could remove the marker pin to allow for a greater range of pose-ability.
 The missile pod struts arms get put here obviously.  
 Lay the missile pod upside down to help line up the pods rear.
 You can see here that the locator holes identify the left and right pod.
 On the outside of the pod attach the larger protrusion while the slimmer one goes on the inside.
 Keeping the pods on their rear lines them up to receive the  strut arms.
 On mine Im giving it a slight forward step. CA glue insta-set spray is a huge help so you dont have to hold it position waiting for the glue to set up.

Embarrassing edit: I put the thighs on upside down......d'oh 
 And the of course, when the lower half is all set you can add the upper.
Keep in mind that the whole upper portion is solid resin so there is more weight there. Make sure the pose you've set is well balanced.
 Additionally, you may want to  pin the joints  for added strength.
And that is that.
I still have few left for sale, give me a shout.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Catapault is in!

Just got home and found a huge box full of Cats and packing peanuts!  As soon as I can some pics will be posted and the kits that already have homes waiting for them will ship out tomorrow.
Again, to all those who pre-paid to help finance this kit run, thank you for your patience.

edit: a few pics for you.

A big box full of......
 bags that contain......
 all that you see here.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Something new part 2

I was able to get an old camera I had working (damn outdated drivers software) and was able to snap a few , cleaner pics to give a better sense of where this big build is.

And again you can see why I think the head is too small.
BTW, I had the head  cleaned up for cg  printing, both  Founders and Standard,and they were printed at 1 1/2 half inch diameter. Maybe 1 5/8 is needed.
But aside from this litte hiccup Id say the Atlas is looking fuckin awesome.

Oh and BTW those little figures at the feet are true 1/60 scale so   they are accurate
 to the size of the mechs.

Monday, July 29, 2013

OK something new

These are not the best pics but I used my daughters tablet to snap a couple of quick shots with a head on.

I actually had to have the heads printed but Im not sure I got the size right. What do you all think? Too small?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Drama continues

Still nothing new to really report, sorry all.  Its been 3 weeks since I had news from Jimi regarding the Catapault casting but I just heard from him and again the only thing to report is.....its ongoing.
Thanx for your patience.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So hey, whats up?

Well to be honest Id say Im 99.5% done on the Atlas.   SOOOOO close, but I still have no camera to take pics.  I do have my daughters tablet, which takes pics,  but it doesnt seem to want to talk to my PC.
I REALLY want to show you all how it looks. Agggh. It looks so cool.

Also Jimi has assured me the Catapault is crossing the finish line right now and hopefully Ill have some pics of that soon.

I hate blogs without pics.........

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anything new?

Nope not really. The last couple of weeks I have been tweeking the Atlas  arms and working on the head. Making some progress, but I have no pics to show you as my camera is broken.

My family and I went to the Vancouver FanExpo last weekend (think Comicon) which was a blast  and so many cool costumes and props to take photos of but the camera was dropped and thats that.
I did manage to make a cool sword for my daughters costume. She went as Fionna  from Adventure Time and I squeezed out her crystal sword the night before.  Id love to show you the pics but you know.

Oh and a little update regarding the Catapault.
Jimi is hard at work but he is split 10 different ways right now thanx to Wonderfest coming up.  He is in casting overdrive.  But rest assured progress is being made and as soon as there is some new news Ill post pronto.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby got back

So I just wanted to show the little bits that have been finished that make up the whole back.

  Basically 6 pieces that attach  and then the shoulder bits go on top and that completes that.

Next up, working on the shoulders.

I first built it like the paper plan, but thats the simplified version.

 But it did give me the dimensions to work with and then attempt number 2 gets us this.

And again, thanx to Sparks Murphey who got me some great closeup shots of the shoulder.
 Which attaches to this,

Which goes here. Now all this will be casted so I have a left and a right to work with.

Now the upper arms are giving me a little problem.  Once I had the basic shape done I realized that the little bit of movement I wanted to give it wont happens because there is like NO room to move,
It may be that it will end up just a static piece and attach in a very basic way.
It will rotate up and down thanx to the shoulder and with the way I'll do the elbow  the poseability of the arms will be pretty good regardless.

Well a few more days and the arms will be done..

Oh and I screwed the head up, gotta do it again. Its just so damn hard.