Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Next kit

Its the pre-Christmas season all and Id like to get a new kit in the rubber before the end of the year and Id like to run a small kit before the big Atlas goes into the rubber I think.
Right now I have 2 kits that are ready to go so Id like your opinion as to which little guys gets the rubber treatment.
The Urbanmech?About 14.5 cm tall

Or the Vulcan? About 17 cm tall.

Either would need at least 15 pre-orders to get the ball rolling.

Give me a shout at scott.murphy@telus.net

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Id like to post a couple of pics of a Catapault in progress.

This is from the desk of Scott Christian, who has been at work for some time amassing a large collection of 1/60 scale bad-assery to have the ultimate tabletop game.

 I absolutely  love the cockpit glazing effect he did. Wish I could get mine to look that good.

Have a look here at some more of his work.
 Awesome stuff must be acknowledged.