Sunday, December 5, 2010

More Star Wars

G'day all. Time for one of my sporadic updates. At this time I want to show you all how many little SW kits are on my bench approaching completion. Or at least done being assembled and are on the primer stage or at least close to it.
First up is the Z-95 Headhunter mastered by Michael"Lichtbringer"Hoffman and casted by JPG Productions. A damn near perfect kit. I might do this one as the black and gold version flown on Coruscant by Tycho Celchu.
I know the pre-shading looks a little heavy and messy but thats because I havnt picked up the airbrush in months and I found myself really out of practice. It took my hand several attempts to get back in the groove.

Next the McQuarrie concept X-wing, Mastered by Richard"REL"Long. I'm so glad he made this little gem because I always liked this version better than the on-screen one. A little tricky to do because you have to have the pilot and cockpit painted before you seal the two halves of the fuselage together. I removed some of the masking so that you can see in there before the final paint goes on. I will do it up as seen in the original painting.

Here we see the A-9 Vigilance I was scratching up. I still need to do the panel
lines on the wings and the gun turret underneath. Still not my favorite ship but I have never seen one built so I needed to do it. I originally meant to try to master it as a kit and built landing gear into the engine pods but like no one seemed interested in one as a kit so now its just something for me.

The final group of shots are of the TIE Predators kits from Scale Solutions. These are going to look so cool when painted and in formation. I need to re-apply the black as flat black doesnt work for the solar panels.

The TIE Defender from REL. I am still hoping to get a replacement set of wings from someone who scratched a better looking set(hear that clevischi?)

Then the Chiss Clawcraft, again another little jewel from REL. And lastly another Defender body that needs wings, The TIE raptor by clevischi and the perfect little A-wing by RB-26.

All of them have been assembled with very little modification as I'm finding that the more I try to customize a kit I build the less I get done. These are to be out of the box builds.
Basically I intend to get all these done over the Christmas holidays. Wish me luck and I'll post when theres something to show.

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