Sunday, June 1, 2014

MCII part 2

So, next I decided on a pose for the legs. Nothing overly dramatic, just a wider stance, looking ready for action. All joints pinned of course, including the toes for strength.

Then on to the LRM pods.
I liked Tims LRM  10 design but I wanted 20's so I sawed off the protrusions and glued on new ones.
For me an assault mech just needs LRM 20's.
And as you can see I continued with the magnets theme.

They hold the pods on fairly well but the weight makes them rotate down  a little. They dont go far though because of the "X" panel on the side. It stops the pod from going too far down.
 The only other details I felt like adding were a little button piece on the inside of the guns
and these "handle bar/ bumper rails" on the butt piece which was a little too bare for me.

And so assembly completed. This beast looks mean. So much more than the original MadCat.
Look at how it towers over the Raven.
Next primer and paint. Im thinking some kind of Urban Camo scheme.

Thanx Tim, this was a joy to put together and your best yet!