Saturday, September 24, 2011


So check what just showed up at my house. A 1/60 Vulcan Battlemech grown directly from CG files by Bob Green of Green Pixel Projects.

It cost a little bit more than your average garage kit but I think its worth it to have a one of a kind item.

As you can see from these pics the detail is pretty damn good and yes thats a 1/60 figure there at its feet so I think the size looks right on.

Oh I cant wait until I can get his Scorpion and Hatamoto Chi.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Fresh from the primer its the MW4 Awesome.
Once again I used the paper pattern as my template and Im so happy. The Awesome has been one of my favs since the original TRO Loose drawing.
Granted the MW4 style is a bit different than the original but I still love it.

Next up......

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some more Hollander pics

This one is going to be for me and so I had to mod just a couple of things for a new pose. Its just going to be a simple step forward pose but that requires I remove the locator bit on the hip/leg bit.

oh and I drilled out a hole for the hands in the forearm. You can do this or remove the stub from the hand, either way works fine.

On the feet, I removed a bit off the back of the "toe" so it would pivot .
And thats basically all Im going to do to it before painting.

And the next one I build for myself will get this big ass gun!
Too much?