Saturday, March 28, 2015

Finally: Hellspawn!

After like 9 months of bullshit and back and forth with the masters I have the kits in hand.
My very grateful thanx to Jimi Glancy(who I should have just used in the beginning) who went above and beyond to get this done.
To those of you who prepaid all those months ago, Im boxing them up now and sending them out this weekend.
To anyone else who would like one, I have 10 kits unspoken for.
email me

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another quick re-visit.

Soooo, like back in 2011 I had started work on the Mon Remonda
and then I quietly put it aside. Mainly because I wasnt really sure how I wanted to do the engines. That may have changed, we will see soon.
But another thing that was bugging me was the blisters on the hull. I had added a bunch of little, rolled Aves bits and bomb halves but they looked like crap so I scraped them all off.
Then along comes  nicholassagan
and his shapeways bits to save my sanity. Basically these are blister bits he designed to add to the discontinued MC-80 kit from Anigrand. Well I bought a set then molded them and have made like a hundred blisters to attach to the hull of my Mon Remonda.

Still many more to go, but its looking so much better. I need more small bits.