Monday, June 13, 2011

Mon Remonda in 1/2256

A couple of months back I mentioned at the end of a rant that I had started this vessel.
For those of you who dont know the Mon Remonda, it is the Mon Calamari ship that Han Solo commanded on the hunt for the Warlord Zsinj. It was 1200 meters long, bristling with armament.
50 turbo lasers, 20 ion cannons and at least 4 squadrons of fighters.
At this point in the build I have the main structure complete and the first coat of primer on. Im just starting on the scribing of the panel lines. Im following the style set by Anigrand's MC-80 ship. After im happy with the panels I'll add some more raised details and more hull blisters. A Calamari
doesnt look right without the blisters. The engines are giving me a problem. Im trying to decide whether to design and scratch some or just use the ones from the Revell Venator kit. They're a pretty good size and fit for what Ive built.
Anyone out there willing to turn me a set?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Battletech!

After working on the TBolt I had to keep going in the mech line.
So looking over the bits that Ive started over the last couple of years I chose to get back to the

I started this one after getting ahold of a paper pattern and tried transferring it to styrene. Not as easy as you would think. The arms especially, were tricky, and I think I made the one gun too big because it interferes with the torso turning by bumping into the top of the thigh.

While I worked on the Zeus I caught myself looking at the NovaCat that has been giving me problems. The legs and knee joint are a real pain. At this point the shoulders and guns are really slowing me down. But soon there will be another update with a built mech.