Monday, July 19, 2010

hello all, I have a few things to share this week.
First I got home from work today to find 2 packages waiting for me.
Ah that joy of joys we all know.
Pak 1 had the amazing RB26 1/72 A-wing in it, the second Ive bought. Id love to buy more but Im not rich and it is a limited run. Im not greedy, Id like others to own one.
besides being one of the most detailed little kits ever, it also has the clearest resin canopy ever. Damned impressive.
The second pak contains the Scale Solutions 1/72 TIE Predator. Wayne always surprises me with the way he packs things. All that protective styrofoam when others(including myself) would be satisfied with using a baggy.
Anyway,its a solid chunk of resin, quite heavy for its size. And well worth the money, Im going to need 2 more I think.

Next up, a little experiment that has actually gone right. Shrinking a mold! Yup, I casted up some random parts to see if this trick would work for me and Lo! It has.
Here is the result, down by 15% Id say.
I just added 50% mineral spirits to the rubber, mixed thoroughly, poured and allowed to sit for about3 weeks and the rubber slowly shrank. The rubber was set enough within 24 hours at which point I removed the pieces and let the shrinking commence.
Its just good to know that it does work, Im not a great caster either. So anyone can do it. This will be useful.
Thats all for now. Later.

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