Tuesday, December 27, 2011

So its been a little while since I last posted anything, its the busy season at UPS, like everywhere.
But I figured Id like to get one more post in before the end of the year.
So here we go.

First up, I finally put together my Catapault. I started this build back in 03 or 04 when my skills at scratchbuilding were so-so. I started by trying to make it look like the classic original but following the artwork of Pawel Czarnecki. That version was out of my league so then I tried the version as seen in MechAssault. Now I was doing pretty good with that one but unfortunately I couldnt get enough reference shots of that version. It went back on a shelf. Then eventually I went with the Mechwarrior4 version. Not as popular but I had tons of good shots of it thanx to finally figuring out how to get screen caps.
But again it sat on a shelf for a long time until my casting abilities were good enough to cast myself a set of feet and legs. I had only made one set as I always intended to cast it as a kit.
Well I finally just got tired of it sitting on the side and I put it together for my own pleasure.

Next, a couple of shots of a scratch of the Locust. Long story behind this one. back in 01 I was introduced to scratchbuilding thanx to this article:
And almost immediately I started to copy it. I found the donor kit and everything but then I found someone who had a cast of that very kit from the article by Mark Yungblut. I bought it without question and then my build went into a box. Until a few months ago when when I found some weapons I had from another kit that would look great on mine and so here it is. Now I have 2 Locust that both need a paint job.

And finally, my most recent build using paper plans, the 90 ton Mauler. Not my favorite design, in fact I have so many others I want to build more so I dont know why I built this one, but heres the big Mofo sans primer. Still a few more details to clean up and add but I want to get it one the blog before the new year.
Im considering selling it so make me an offer.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How many mechs?

Recent events have made me take a look at just how many 1/60 Battletech mechs I have.
These are the ones that at this moment can stand by themselves. I have a few others, 5 or 6 , thats are in pieces needing some love.
Also, as you can see, so many of them still need a paint job.
But its kinda cool to see them all.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kodiak update

Finished the construction and added the primer. A few touch ups are needed but I think it looks good enough to show you.
Im probably going to paint it in the classic white Ghost Bear scheme.

And with the Atlas, who will win?

What about 300 tons of combined kick-assery?

Monday, October 10, 2011

A quick How To

After the last post about the Kodi, it was asked of me how did I do those x things on the Kodi's legs?
So I figure I might as well show my little trick.
This is how I came up with it. I have no idea if there's others that have come up with another way to do it, this is just mine.

first you need the part cut in the shape you want obviously. I use a thinner styrene sheet, .15 I think. No structural strength but easy to trim, thats the key.

Then mark where you want you x to be( or slot, square, v whatever)

Then I use a pin vise with a small bit(1/16 usually) and drill a marker hole. You'll note I dont go right to the top of the x I layed out because Im going to switch to a larger bit next and those lines are where the outside diameter of the larger hole is to be.

I switch to a 5/32 bit in this case and drill out the larger holes. Be sure t put a piece of wood under the plastic because you dont want to drill into your desk do you? Plus this also has the added benefit of preventing tear out. Where the drill rips and shreds it way out the back..thats bad.

Now simply use a ruler and cut out the slots. And voila.

Now laminate it onto another thin sheet of styrene for a thicker more structural piece.