Saturday, August 17, 2013

Slapping a Catapult together

 OK so I just had to put one together real quick.
While Jimi did take a while to cast these up, He did do a good job, barely any flash left and only some mold seam to cleanup.

Im sure you guys can figure out how this goes together but here's a tutorial anyway.
Starting with the feet, the joint blade/shield thing gets glued on here. And then the calf cover slips on.
 When inserting the next leg piece in you may need to drill out some overpour in the calf.
 The lower leg piece should sit at a slight upward angle.
You could remove the marker pin to allow for a greater range of pose-ability.
 The missile pod struts arms get put here obviously.  
 Lay the missile pod upside down to help line up the pods rear.
 You can see here that the locator holes identify the left and right pod.
 On the outside of the pod attach the larger protrusion while the slimmer one goes on the inside.
 Keeping the pods on their rear lines them up to receive the  strut arms.
 On mine Im giving it a slight forward step. CA glue insta-set spray is a huge help so you dont have to hold it position waiting for the glue to set up.

Embarrassing edit: I put the thighs on upside down......d'oh 
 And the of course, when the lower half is all set you can add the upper.
Keep in mind that the whole upper portion is solid resin so there is more weight there. Make sure the pose you've set is well balanced.
 Additionally, you may want to  pin the joints  for added strength.
And that is that.
I still have few left for sale, give me a shout.

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Catapault is in!

Just got home and found a huge box full of Cats and packing peanuts!  As soon as I can some pics will be posted and the kits that already have homes waiting for them will ship out tomorrow.
Again, to all those who pre-paid to help finance this kit run, thank you for your patience.

edit: a few pics for you.

A big box full of......
 bags that contain......
 all that you see here.