Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dr. Zeus in the house.

One of Alex Isglesias' better modern re-designs, the Zeus is also one of my all time favs.

Once again, one of Thor's prints. And it needed the usual cleanup, putty and sanding, glue and clamping to fix the splits. And the adding of a bit of detail to the back.
This is Dr. Zeus, equipped with a Gauss, 3 medium lasers and a LRM 15. 
He's painted in my units colours (the 5th RCT, Ghost Legion) Blue, black and white or light blue accents (depending  on which squad)
And the mech bay is still progressing.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

part deux!

WubMaster! With my sort of close to being done mech bay.

Six medium pulse lasers and a large pulse with a couple of machine guns for back up. One of my fav mechs to play and painted in the Operation Phoenix pattern.
Mech bay is still a work in progress, I want to add more pipe details and some support vehicles.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Been painting!

So like the title says, Ive been painting. Painting mechs, painting Star Wars ships and painting a mech bay.
But only a couple have reached the final weathering stage and are kinda ready to see the light of blog.
So today we get a look at my Urbie, Business Time.
Painted in a fractal, urban camouflage in the game, this little guy is equipped with an AC-10 with 40 shots  and 2 small lasers. And with an XL engine I can get his speed up to 95 kph. He is a quick little harasser . And when I break him out of the stable, I mean business.

I have him on a Death Star tile base I have but it looks so much like the HPG Manifold map terrain I couldnt resist.
More to come.