Sunday, February 24, 2013

Atlas progress.

Not much to show this week.
I was hoping to have the thighs and knees done but they've been tricky.
So all I can show you right now is a couple shots of the completed pelvis.

A little more spit and polish needed but Im pretty damn happy.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New caster has been secured.

To those of you who really wanted the Catapault and were pissed about the delays in casting, rejoice. A light is on the horizon
I wont go into the details but Jimi Glancy will be my new guy. He does damn fine work.
Now onto the nitty gritty.
To really get the ball rolling Im going to have to ask for at least 15 pre-paid orders.
 We are looking to do a run of at least 30 but the first 15 covers the down payment as it were and gets it all into the rubber.
These kits will sell for $95 Canadian.
please contact me at if you're interested.

Thanx to all of you who keep me building.

1 final note.

Ive decided to sell the Thor and Loki scratchbuild kits outright.
These one of a kind builds will leave my desk for the first customer(s) who contact me.
They are $150 each.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Atlas begins!

Thanx to recent paper plans I have begun on the most complex build I have yet to try.
The MechwarriorOnline Atlas.

It has taken me all weekend to just  put together 2 feet and 2 lower legs for this beast.
I usually start with the torso on my builds but this time I wanted to build from the ground up so I could really be sure I was getting the height proportions right.

 Also, because the paper plans simplify the assembly of the parts, Ive had to come up with my own way of making the ankles and still have to figure the best way to do the knees. But Im working on it.
Oh and those round bits on the ankles are just temporary, until I can make bits that are more in keeping with the art.

As you can see from this shot with the old Atlas, the legs seem to be right on, so when done, this bruiser will stand the proper 1/60 scale height of 10 and a half inches tall.
Next week I should have the knees, upper legs and hopefully the groin done.
Keep an eye out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally something to show

Yes Ive actually completed a build...or 2
having been sucked into the ongoing battles of MechwarriorOnline for the last few months has really taken a toll on my first hobby. Ive maybe averaged 2 hours a week where I used to do 2 hours a day. 12 on weekends.
But at last Im done with something I started like 8 years ago.

A Thor and Loki  MW4 style.

And since the only real difference between the 2 is the torso I can understand your disgust.

These were started so long ago and no paper plans existed so I had to draw the blueprints.

They stand about 8 and a half inches tall, 9 for the Thor to the top of the pod.

And once again I am faced with a dilema
Do I have these casted? Or just sell them outright to the highest bidder?   I shall ponder.

In this last shot you can see how they measure up to IS 50 tons and 100 tons. But remember, Clan mechs were larger in size  due to superior tech. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Small Update

Hi all, SOOO sorry there hasnt been much in the way of news or builds lately. Mostly because Im addicted to playing MWO. Its only beta but damn its fun when you drop with the right bunch of guys.
News on the Catapault: casting has been put on hold because we couldnt agree on how to do the missile pods. Because they are large blocks on top of rather spindly arms there was the concern of sagging. Hollow cast was out because of the possibility  of the parts warping and I really dont feel like re-doing the pods. So we're stuck.  
Any preferences for the next one I cast?  A Vulcan can be done fairly cheaply....

Oh and soon Ill be putting  a couple of scratch-builds on the auction block. Keep an eye out.
Later all.