Friday, July 9, 2010

A beginning

Well finally, after many a moon, and after following other awesome builds all over the net, I have decided to start blogging about the piddling crap that clutters my work bench.
Some of you out there know me and want to see how I scratchbuild models, others couldnt give a crap. Some just want to see what Im up to now.
Well its usually Star Wars subjects and Battletech mechs that keep me busy, and I regularly switch my focus back and forth.
Right now Im back on a BT kick. Thanx to a couple of kits coming from RavenStar Studios.
Chris(aka RSS) juts released a Hunchback mech and a Wolverine mech.
Photos here:
Im rarely happy to leave a kit as is..... and the Hunch is no exception. Im going to modify it slightly.
1- Im going to lose the arms and put on large lasers
2-going to saw the legs and add pose-able knee joints
3- shortening the ankle ball joint a little, just dont like the way it is right now.

Well Im new to blogging so I dont know when the next post will be, a day or so, and I'll post some photos of what Im talking about.

Oh and I'll post some shots of what else is on my work bench.

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