Saturday, December 12, 2015

Wow, I havnt done much

At all in the last few months and Im really sorry if people still come here to check out anything new.

The Battlemaster Im working on got put aside after several failures on my part to make it look good. I will return to it when Im motivated. Sorry Lance. When you use paper plans you have a roadmap to size and proportions, when you build without that roadmap you end up with arms that are to short or long, legs that are way too big and a pelvis that not wide enough.

Anyway. About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by PGI (Pirahna Games for those that dont know) and was asked if I would be able to make some mechs that they could raffle off as prizes at the Steam Launch Party to be held on the 11th here in Vancouver. They had seen a post or 2 on the forums and knew I had a few but with only 2 weeks to go to the party there was no way Thor would be able to print so many new mechs. So the ones I had on hand would just have to do.

Looking at what I had it was decided that there was 6 Hero mechs there and so I got to work. 2 solid weeks of breathing in paint fumes and this is the results.

These have now gone to good homes and I need to replenish my collection. Thor will hear from me.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Working on a custom commision

I dont do this often, mostly because some people have asked me to build a specific mech and then disappear when I ask for some fundage. But in this case its a trusted customer who has bought from me many times so I think Im good to go.
Without any specifics, here's a progress pic. Can you hazard a guess?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Atlas bits and pieces.

So Im sending this master to Tim but before I do I wanted to show where a bit or 2 go. For the most part an experience modeler can figure out where everything goes just from the pics of the assmbled kit but lets just cover the more   "HUH?" parts.

Heads: Founder style and regular.
The Founder goes in the slot no problem but the standard head needs this filler piece and collar before it will sit right.   Different geometry and all.

So the lower legs have the knee joint and these bits for left and right.

Next, the SRM 6 has this little bit on the bottom.

Itti bity groin shields.
 go here.
Ankle shield.

Hip joint bits for left and right.

And a tiny little instep shield goes here.

For the most part that should be the most WTF bits. Hopefully everything else will be fairly straightforward.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Any finished mechs out there?

I realize that I may not have produced as many kits for sale as Tim has, but lets do a quick rundown shall we?
And of course every now and then, I sell a scratchbuild that wasnt finished. And I think Ive seen maybe 3 painted.

Love the setting.

Built not painted unfortunately. 

 One of my favorites.
 Love the cockpit.
And thats pretty much it.   Id love to see more. If any of you have some finished pics, please show me. Id really love to see them.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Finally: Hellspawn!

After like 9 months of bullshit and back and forth with the masters I have the kits in hand.
My very grateful thanx to Jimi Glancy(who I should have just used in the beginning) who went above and beyond to get this done.
To those of you who prepaid all those months ago, Im boxing them up now and sending them out this weekend.
To anyone else who would like one, I have 10 kits unspoken for.
email me

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another quick re-visit.

Soooo, like back in 2011 I had started work on the Mon Remonda
and then I quietly put it aside. Mainly because I wasnt really sure how I wanted to do the engines. That may have changed, we will see soon.
But another thing that was bugging me was the blisters on the hull. I had added a bunch of little, rolled Aves bits and bomb halves but they looked like crap so I scraped them all off.
Then along comes  nicholassagan
and his shapeways bits to save my sanity. Basically these are blister bits he designed to add to the discontinued MC-80 kit from Anigrand. Well I bought a set then molded them and have made like a hundred blisters to attach to the hull of my Mon Remonda.

Still many more to go, but its looking so much better. I need more small bits.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

time to re-visit

So hey, a few years back I got started on a little project
a new style Correlian freighter  type ship.
And as usual I got sidetracked but its been sitting on the shelf ever since I while I still havnt decided on many key details I figured if I at least got back to it something will come to me.

So here we go with the cockpit and armor plating.

The cockpit I was thinking  of a 3 seater layout with 1 pilot front center and 2  behind. I used a few bits from my FMMF cockpit I wasnt using.

I ended up with some plating that was much bigger than the style on the Falcon, i just really wanted it to highlight the overall pattern of the hull layout you know?

And now the underside layout. Im going to do this gear up on a cool base.

Oh and one final thing Im toying with,  rather than cakeing the side wall with greeblies Im thinking maybe a bunch of these box bits Ive made up with a few greeblies and wires between. Cool thing here is I can cast them   and change the details so no 2 look alike.
 What do you think?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

So.. a little update for anyone that still comes here

Hey all, just wanted to say that the Hellspawn is finally in good hands.   Jimi at JPG Productions.
I should have just sent it to him to begin with. So hopefully 4 or 5 weeks before kits are in hand.

Meanwhile Ive been getting myself back into the knife to plastic groove. But I wanted to tackle something easy. Boxy, basic. Something that I didnt need to strive for accuracy with. So I chose one of the most boring and uninteresting ships from the StarWars universe. Boba Fett's Slave 2.

Heres some pics from the comics....

 See, boring and uninspired. 
Here's my attempt at a 1/72 version.

No paint on it yet but basic assembly is done and I think Ive managed to give this lame design at least a semblance of belonging to SW.
Now, Ive got the build bug again.