Saturday, August 14, 2010

Well a new box arrived today, from Ravenstar Studios, the Battletech Wolverine.
Another large chunk of resin with Chris' usual touch. You can read all about it here:
What I like about this kit is he has designed it with the various options, different armament, different heads, or cockpit as it were, and ease of poseability. Certain joints will to be pinned for strength.
My only issue with it, and no offense intended here Chris, is proportions.
As you can see from this photo below, this 55 ton mech stands next to a Griffin. Another 55 ton mech, they should be the same height right? Or at least a little closer, I may shorten the legs by 3/8 of an inch just to satisfy my eye.
But this is just my initial impression and should not be a discouragement for you if you want to get one. On the whole this is a cool kit and Im so glad Chris made it.
As much as I want to dig in to this one and start building and modifying it , it will go on the shelf for now.
Now if only someone, other than Tim, Chris or myself would master a Battletech Mech, especially the unseen Battlemaster, life would be good.

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