Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas joy

Hello all and Merrymerry if you celebrate.
Thanx to a wee bit of time off Ive been able to finish painting a few of the new additions to my collection.
First up my Commando COM -2D named "Sgt. Cupcake". As he appears in the game, named and colour scheme from my daughter.

This is how he appears in the game hence no decals, symbols or units numbers as yet.

 Next up "Lenore", my Raven RVN-3L. It just seemed wrong to me to paint my stealthy bird anything other than black.

 These mechs also mark my first real effort at cockpit and lense jeweling effect. Not bad, Ill get better with practice.

 And finally my Dragon DRG-1N as he appears in the game named "Cherrybomb". Again named by one of my daughters.  Hes painted in the PCGamer skin that was released a year ago. Even with all the other paint options I see no reason to change.


Hes equipped with a Gauss and 2 large lasers hence the blue lense effect.

And finally a group shot.

Later all.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Spider peak

Just a quick post to show you where we are on this little project.

I wanted to scratch this but I know my limitations and I cant expect Simon at Leg Destroyed to get to every mech I want. 
 I chose the Spider simply because I love playing with it in the game. Ive logged more time with it than any other mech. Mainly because of its speed,its  ECM and its survivability.
There something very satisfying to me to harass and piss off the big boys by running amongst them and stinging them with my lasers. Granted I dont get a ton of kills with it  but I do my fair share of the damages and I do my job as a light.
Anyhow, as you can see we're trying to get all the option bits covered, vectoring wings out or pulled back, anti-missile system,  flamer and machine guns( for both arms) and the torso laser, 1 or 2. Unfortunately, at this time, the game files has the flamer standing in for medium lasers on the arm, so no lens effect.
Oh Im giddy.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

On hold

So while the most votes were for the Urbanmech only 5 people committed to the actual purchase, which says to me, not a good time to run a kit. Maybe in the spring we'll revisit the Urbie. But for now a sneak peak of whats in the future.

scroll down

a little further