Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mon Remonda update

Its been a slow week thanx to work, but last night I was able to do a little more to the MR.
Basically finished off the scribing I wanted to do, although I may go back and add some more.
Then I got busy attaching a bunch of blisters to the hull.
It looks like more than enough right? Nope. Just take a look at the Anigrand ship and you will see several hundred little bits, mine has maybe 60.
Anyway, more to add.
Oh and my plan for the engines failed. Gonna have to rethink that.
Or maybe commission someone to turn a set. Any volunteers?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little extra

a few photos of mechs sitting in primer awaiting final colours.


Here I go again. Another BT mech quickly done by using the paper plans to help.
I really have to say its not as easy as you may think. Sure the plans really help you get the size and proportions right, but all the surface details, the cut-ins and recessed details can trip you up if you dont plan ahead.
That said, this only took a little over week to get to this point. Next time you see this one it will have a urban camo scheme.