Sunday, June 17, 2012

Locust master pretty much ready

As you all know the results of the vote were mostly in favour of the Locust for the next kit I run.
So I wanted to make sure I had it all ready the way I wanted it. I ended up beefing it up slightly.
My original was basically built pretty much the same way Marc Yungblut built his over a decade ago, And this stood only about 4.5 inches tall. In my mind thats too small for a 1/60 kit. As a 20 ton mech I think it should stand about waist high to the Atlas. Not its groin.
So Ive thickened it, lengthened  the legs, enlarged the feet and made the srm pods bigger.
As you can see from the pics its now about 6.5 inches tall and a little easier to cast and assemble.
If you'd like one please email me at
Im trying to get an idea of how large a run i need to do.

And I dont have a final price yet but Im hoping the $50 buck range will be do-able.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mechs for sale.

Hello all.  It seems that the results for the vote on which mech I cast next has been decided.
Leading the pack by a clear margin was the Locust.
Followed closely by the Catapult.  The Urbanmech was also a favorite, coming in third and a distant fourth was the Hellhound.
Thanx to all who sent me their thoughts.
Now this brings me to my next topic, in order to get the ball rolling on the casting I need financing. While a certain chunk of my paycheck(against my wife's wishes) goes to this I figure I might as well sell a few of my one-off mechs to help out.
Im selling my Sunder for $150 (Update, Sunder sold 06/05)
the Masakari for $110 (update 06/08 sold)

and the Hunchback for $95
On top of these I still have a few Hollander kits left and they are $70

Drop me an email at if you're  interested.