Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm Done?

The Atlas that is.
As you can see it looks like its all there right? But it still needs some polish, a scribed line here, an extra doodad there. But Ive been working on this thing for so long I kinda burnt out on it hence the lack of updates. Man its big. thats what she said.
Seriously though, I really want to get it done cause theres so many other mechs to build.

 It stands 10 7/8 inches tall or 27.7 cm for our metric friends.

 As you can see I had new heads printed at a larger size. The old one were just too small.
Both the Founders style head......

And the Standard head.
The problem with the standard head though is that the collar isn't done.  I gotta get around to that.

 And here the heads side by side, you can see the difference nes't  pas?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello all

Sorry for the lack of any movement here. Ive been sidetracked the last little while with convention security, costumes  and props for Halloween for the kids and playing both Splinter Cell and Mechwarrior Online.
I have been doing some mech tweeking though. Ive been doing a little bit on the Marauder, both the old and new, doing some finishing work on the Atlas with the new heads  as well as getting started on a new  Hellspawn kit.
The Hellspawn Im tweeking so it will look like a cross between the old MW4 style and the new MWO style. And since its a 40 ton mech its a little smaller than the last few offerings and should be much cheaper to cast.
Ill some some pics to update with in a week or so.