Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello all, Ive been a little busier than usual with real life(dont you hate when life gets in the way of models?) but once again I sidestepped onto something else.
I was looking at the little Anigrand Nebulon B Frigate wondering why I hadnt put it together yet then I remembered. I wanted to pour some rubber on it and make a variant.
So here it is assembled, no paint yet. Sorry.
I recasted( dirty word I know but its only for my use, not for sale, so get the sand out of your vagina) the main body, removed the lower section and scratched a few new details and voila, a Nebulon B2.
Influenced heavily by this CG image I found. Of course, now that I look at it , it looks like a Humpback whale dont you think?
Nevertheless, it'll make a fine addition to my growing 1/2256 fleet.

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