Friday, September 28, 2012

Marauder in progress

So I've had  this old kit since like 03 or so . A 1/72 Robotech/Macross Commanders battlepod, which as you all know was used in Battletech as the Marauder.
The original art by Loose altered it slightly
Not by much. The main difference is the nose area and of course all the extra panel lines that, to me, made the mech seem more human in a way. Less cartoony and Alien.

I picked up this kit because I was led to understand that when built it would stand in scale  with my Armourcast kits. Well I built it and was immediately disappointed.
It was just to Robotechy and not very Battletechy. This is not my kit but one I found on the net. It builds nice but it just isnt for me.
 Sorry, I have no pics for size comparison,. but believe me, to my eye it was WAY too big. Standing like 2 inches taller over my Madcat. Not right when both are supposed to be 75 tonners.

So it went back into the box and away until I could figure out what to do with it. I paid over $100 for it after all.

Until I saw this painting by Flyingdebris.

And that did it. The old Imai kit is being transformed with this pic as the main inspiration. My final build wont be a perfect match but Im using it for a guide and this is where Im at now.

Im on the way.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Locust for sale

So with the new legs here I put one together for myself and snapped a couple of quick shots

And yes I do have some for sale. 15 to be exact.
They are $55 plus $10 for shipping in North America, $20 for overseas shipping.
email me

update: down to 9

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Locust update

Hello gentle beings, you'll all be happy to know that I have received the replacement legs for all kits and I will be shipping them out this weekend.
Thank you all for your patience and I hope Ill will see some finished and painted kits soon. (I think Ive only seen one Argus painted up and no Hollanders.)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another small update, and things for sale.

Sorry for being so absentee all, but life has gotten in the way of my messy desk.
That being said Id like to let everyone who has paid for a Locust know that my caster, Bambam productions, has just let me know all is well and a box is on the way with the replacement legs.
It wont be long now all. Thanx for the patience.

Now, as I said,  life has gotten in the way.
And it is with a heavy heart that some of these mechs that Ive built need a new home.
Up for grabs:

Puma- $75(sold)
Firestarter- $55(sold)
Cyclops- $150(bought)
Panther- $65 (sold)
Awesome -$150(bought)
Hollander-$75( still a couple left)

Certain others not listed because they're spoken for. All funds in $US please.
I can be paypaled using my email address as ID.
Email me with Qs at