Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Baby got back

So I just wanted to show the little bits that have been finished that make up the whole back.

  Basically 6 pieces that attach  and then the shoulder bits go on top and that completes that.

Next up, working on the shoulders.

I first built it like the paper plan, but thats the simplified version.

 But it did give me the dimensions to work with and then attempt number 2 gets us this.

And again, thanx to Sparks Murphey who got me some great closeup shots of the shoulder.
 Which attaches to this,

Which goes here. Now all this will be casted so I have a left and a right to work with.

Now the upper arms are giving me a little problem.  Once I had the basic shape done I realized that the little bit of movement I wanted to give it wont happens because there is like NO room to move,
It may be that it will end up just a static piece and attach in a very basic way.
It will rotate up and down thanx to the shoulder and with the way I'll do the elbow  the poseability of the arms will be pretty good regardless.

Well a few more days and the arms will be done..

Oh and I screwed the head up, gotta do it again. Its just so damn hard.

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