Saturday, December 7, 2013

On hold

So while the most votes were for the Urbanmech only 5 people committed to the actual purchase, which says to me, not a good time to run a kit. Maybe in the spring we'll revisit the Urbie. But for now a sneak peak of whats in the future.

scroll down

a little further


  1. Looks nice.... This is some thing I would look into buying. Are there prices? also what scale is this?

  2. No prices yet. Im still working with my guy to get this printed. It will be 1/60 so about 15.5 cm tall

  3. I am wife hates spiders. :)

  4. @Tim - Then she won't play with it when it is painted :D

    Put me on the list for "ooooo I gotta have one" ;)

  5. She has a Pink Panther to play with. Really....