Saturday, January 1, 2011

Well its a new year......
and about a month since I last came here and posted some shots of what I was working on. I think Ive only kinda finished 3 models in that time. What can I say? Holiday season work was busy. But I did have like 6 days off during Christmas and this is what I did.
First the RB26 A-wing in standard screen colours. Really, its impossible to mess this kit up, well unless you're a crappy painter or if you drop tha damn thing like I did. Cracked the left engine off and after gluing it back on you can tell. Oh well.. Here some shots with my other A that I painted in the black and green scheme made by the Action Fleet toy.

Next up is the Z-95 by Michael Hoffman, aka. Lichtbringer. Another damn nice kit.
I wanted to try to go for the Black and gold one that Tycho Celchu flew during the Coruscant liberation mission. BUT, i didnt want gloss black and shiny gold plate or something so its now a dark gray with muted yellow. It feels more Star Warsy to me now.

And now the REL kit of the Mcquarrie concept X-wing. I was think about a custom colour thingy but ended up going with the version seen in the painting. It just looks so damn goood like that.

Also this ended up on my doorstep a couple of days ago. The Cloakshape fighter from Alfred Wong in 1/72. This is the first kit he is selling himself, not thru another source. There are a few left so it you want one go here:
Its worth it. it went together so easily but I messed up the vacuform canopy (as always) so I decided to just frame one in. I dont need to enclose it with clear plastic, the frame is fine with me.
Im thinking some kind of wing art. Any suggestions?

Later all.

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