Saturday, January 22, 2011

Freighter part deux

To begin with, the sensor dish. It was suggested I try this style and I think it works.

I also added some cutouts to the top and front of the hull, greeblies will be added later.
Im not sure I need any cutouts on the back deck but that may change later on.

At the moment Im playing with this idea for the engine vents. I tried a few other shapes but this
seemed to be the one that I didnt hate.

Now we see the docking ring. Several people chimed in and it was suggested that the overall shape should be octagonal to continue the theme but keep the round ring inside. This give the impression that ring is a universal docking system.
I used the part from the old crappy MPC Falcon kit and I plan to add some more piping after I cast a set.

And lastly for this update a look at the bottom and the landing gear idea Im playing with.
I dont usually build my kits with landing gear just cause I like to build my stuff in-flight, but for this it would seem a little short sighted if I didnt at least give myself the option. So at least they are removable. Before I glued them in place(to actually hold up the ship,) I tested them and they did fold up, or retract if you prefer, quite nicely.

Thanx for looking.

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  1. Yup, looking really good. This is gonna turn out great.