Friday, January 14, 2011

Ive always wanted to build a Correlian freighter like the Millennium Falcon, Outrider or Otana.
Problem is Ive never been able to come up with a design that worked for me. Well the impending arrival of the Fine Molds MF i find myself itching to do one.
The problem is how to do one that doesn't seem derivative or a flat out rip-off of others work.
Others have come up with designs that just seem to fit with the YT flavour.
Like Hackcore's awesome YT-2010:
This one I kinda liked:
A little weak but I can see it as the budget version.
Another good try:
The Howling Barrel I thought also fits very nicely in the Correlian freighter line.

But like I said, I wanted to go my own path but remain in the same vein.
A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night and drew this.
All day at work I couldnt stop thinking about it, running it thru my mind and when I got home I started cutting.
As you can see, I went with a more angled, faceted design. Im not sure how to classify it. Not a stealth freighter. In a galaxy of cloaking devices, a faceted hull would make little difference right?
To me it feels more like a fast courier ship made for punching thru blockades.
Light blockade runner maybe?
I also borrowed a little detail from the Otana with the long Hall (for lack of a better term) splitting the back deck.
All the details arent there but they need to to fleshed out. What kind of guns? What shape for the engine vents? The docking rings, should the be round like the Falcons or can I do something different?
And greeblies? how much to do? Openings in the hull? Sensor dish?
This is going to be fun.

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  1. Looks like your've made a good start on this. I started one but never got very far it didn't have a YT feel. Yours has tho, a more modern sleeker look whilst keeping the design and layout of the 1300.