Saturday, January 8, 2011

A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

The A-9 in 1/72(of course). Its an EU ship first seen in the Dark Horse comic Dark Empire. Along with the E-wing starfighter, they were designed by artist Cam Kennedy and have been received with mixed reactions. Some like the designs, others find them uninspired. Whatever your opinion, they are now part of the SW universe and I need a model of one.
So here is mine, I started it as a quick weekend build like 5 months ago (may or june) but like all things I start, i ended up putting it aside for another build.
I deviated a little from established art, the engine pods are always shown as straight tubes but I did that with my old E-wing and was always a little ticked that I didnt take a more dramatic design.
So these pods have some extra detail to them. Also, I never found any images of the rear of the ship so again creative liscence was taken by adding extra greeblies.
That alone give it a more Star Wars feel.
I moved the engines back a bit from the line art position and moved the mounting points to the middle of the wings.
After the painting was all done, I find myself wanting to build another but better, with a good cockpit and meant for casting.
I'll post again as I go with this new one. Any thoughts and opinions are welcome as always.


  1. Finally a scratch built A9. Fantastic work Scott. I've still not seen anyone do a Howlrunner also from Dark Empire yet.

  2. Beautiful job. All your stuff is great though. I am sooooo jealous. Thanks for posting