Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another quick re-visit.

Soooo, like back in 2011 I had started work on the Mon Remonda
and then I quietly put it aside. Mainly because I wasnt really sure how I wanted to do the engines. That may have changed, we will see soon.
But another thing that was bugging me was the blisters on the hull. I had added a bunch of little, rolled Aves bits and bomb halves but they looked like crap so I scraped them all off.
Then along comes  nicholassagan
and his shapeways bits to save my sanity. Basically these are blister bits he designed to add to the discontinued MC-80 kit from Anigrand. Well I bought a set then molded them and have made like a hundred blisters to attach to the hull of my Mon Remonda.

Still many more to go, but its looking so much better. I need more small bits.


  1. Dang, man - how many SW builds do you have going right now? Looks great so far. Is it 1/2256 scale to match the MC-80 kit?

  2. yup 1/2256 to go with my anigrand kits

  3. Excellent! Will look good next to Home One and the ISD.

    Speaking of Nick, he mastered an MC-30 in the same scale very recently: