Sunday, February 22, 2015

time to re-visit

So hey, a few years back I got started on a little project
a new style Correlian freighter  type ship.
And as usual I got sidetracked but its been sitting on the shelf ever since I while I still havnt decided on many key details I figured if I at least got back to it something will come to me.

So here we go with the cockpit and armor plating.

The cockpit I was thinking  of a 3 seater layout with 1 pilot front center and 2  behind. I used a few bits from my FMMF cockpit I wasnt using.

I ended up with some plating that was much bigger than the style on the Falcon, i just really wanted it to highlight the overall pattern of the hull layout you know?

And now the underside layout. Im going to do this gear up on a cool base.

Oh and one final thing Im toying with,  rather than cakeing the side wall with greeblies Im thinking maybe a bunch of these box bits Ive made up with a few greeblies and wires between. Cool thing here is I can cast them   and change the details so no 2 look alike.
 What do you think?

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  1. Oh man...this looks GREAT! Should post some pics at - I know a lot of the guys there would appreciate it.