Monday, April 20, 2015

Atlas bits and pieces.

So Im sending this master to Tim but before I do I wanted to show where a bit or 2 go. For the most part an experience modeler can figure out where everything goes just from the pics of the assmbled kit but lets just cover the more   "HUH?" parts.

Heads: Founder style and regular.
The Founder goes in the slot no problem but the standard head needs this filler piece and collar before it will sit right.   Different geometry and all.

So the lower legs have the knee joint and these bits for left and right.

Next, the SRM 6 has this little bit on the bottom.

Itti bity groin shields.
 go here.
Ankle shield.

Hip joint bits for left and right.

And a tiny little instep shield goes here.

For the most part that should be the most WTF bits. Hopefully everything else will be fairly straightforward.  


  1. Very much looking forward to this one! Have been mentally chewing on how to drop the cockpit in there ... This is going to be fun.


  2. The Atlas is going to happen? DROOOOOOOOL