Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some new shots of the the Big A

So the last week  or so has been devoted to getting the back done(but its not) and I started on the ac20, thanx to some help from Sparks Murphey on the MWO forums. He was able to provide me with some great shots of the gun.

I also began the head and let me tell you that is pretty much the hardest thing I have ever tried to model. The shape, the eyes and just all of it really. This is where it is now and I really hope I dont screw it up because I dont want to do it again.

 And here of course is a size comparison shot with the original Atlas model. Its turning out a little bigger than I thought it would but damn it looks so much cooler.

Everything you see is held together with sticky tack putty, it all comes apart for any future casting attempts.

More to come, all.

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  1. My god...please tell me this one is going to be for sale o.o