Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New caster has been secured.

To those of you who really wanted the Catapault and were pissed about the delays in casting, rejoice. A light is on the horizon
I wont go into the details but Jimi Glancy will be my new guy. He does damn fine work.
Now onto the nitty gritty.
To really get the ball rolling Im going to have to ask for at least 15 pre-paid orders.
 We are looking to do a run of at least 30 but the first 15 covers the down payment as it were and gets it all into the rubber.
These kits will sell for $95 Canadian.
please contact me at if you're interested.

Thanx to all of you who keep me building.

1 final note.

Ive decided to sell the Thor and Loki scratchbuild kits outright.
These one of a kind builds will leave my desk for the first customer(s) who contact me.
They are $150 each.

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