Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally something to show

Yes Ive actually completed a build...or 2
having been sucked into the ongoing battles of MechwarriorOnline for the last few months has really taken a toll on my first hobby. Ive maybe averaged 2 hours a week where I used to do 2 hours a day. 12 on weekends.
But at last Im done with something I started like 8 years ago.

A Thor and Loki  MW4 style.

And since the only real difference between the 2 is the torso I can understand your disgust.

These were started so long ago and no paper plans existed so I had to draw the blueprints.

They stand about 8 and a half inches tall, 9 for the Thor to the top of the pod.

And once again I am faced with a dilema
Do I have these casted? Or just sell them outright to the highest bidder?   I shall ponder.

In this last shot you can see how they measure up to IS 50 tons and 100 tons. But remember, Clan mechs were larger in size  due to superior tech. 

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