Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Atlas begins!

Thanx to recent paper plans I have begun on the most complex build I have yet to try.
The MechwarriorOnline Atlas.

It has taken me all weekend to just  put together 2 feet and 2 lower legs for this beast.
I usually start with the torso on my builds but this time I wanted to build from the ground up so I could really be sure I was getting the height proportions right.

 Also, because the paper plans simplify the assembly of the parts, Ive had to come up with my own way of making the ankles and still have to figure the best way to do the knees. But Im working on it.
Oh and those round bits on the ankles are just temporary, until I can make bits that are more in keeping with the art.

As you can see from this shot with the old Atlas, the legs seem to be right on, so when done, this bruiser will stand the proper 1/60 scale height of 10 and a half inches tall.
Next week I should have the knees, upper legs and hopefully the groin done.
Keep an eye out.


  1. Wow. It did not take you long to get this beast rolling. Nice work.

  2. Please tell me you'll make casts of this one. I want an Atlas bad.