Saturday, May 26, 2012

Which mech next?

I have several mech masters that are ready to go into the rubber for casting, the trouble is I cant decide which mech to do next.
So Im asking all of you who come thru this little blog page to voice your opinion.

Please comment or email me directly at to cast your vote.


  1. Hello, Artist.
    I've seen your post in StarshipModeler and for me, it would be the Urbanmech first, closely followed by the Dragon and the Awesome.

    Have you got an approximate price tag for them? I'd be interested in fetching one.

  2. The smaller one like the Urbie and Locust I imagine would around $50. Middle range ones, Stormcrow Catapault, Dragon closer to $85. The Awesome, closer to $120 and the giant Kodiac about $160.

  3. My bids would be for Locusts and then Catapult.

  4. Put me down for a catapult!