Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thanatos in progress

After my bud Tim sent me a couple pieces of casts of his Thanatos awhile back Ive been meaning to do one for myself. So a couple of weeks ago I got started. I printed up the paper plans at the size I thought a 75 ton mech would be . It was a little larger than the pieces that Tim sent but I remembered he said his first attempt was too small and he had to beef them up. So I did as well.
Hopefully this will be the right size because these torso pieces together look way too beefy.

And of course I have to do mine in my own way so the details will be different than Tim's. I found an image online of a mini with some alternate weapons I thought were pretty cool. The joints are the next step but Ive run out of tube. Time to go the the LHS.

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