Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mechs for sale.

Hello all.  It seems that the results for the vote on which mech I cast next has been decided.
Leading the pack by a clear margin was the Locust.
Followed closely by the Catapult.  The Urbanmech was also a favorite, coming in third and a distant fourth was the Hellhound.
Thanx to all who sent me their thoughts.
Now this brings me to my next topic, in order to get the ball rolling on the casting I need financing. While a certain chunk of my paycheck(against my wife's wishes) goes to this I figure I might as well sell a few of my one-off mechs to help out.
Im selling my Sunder for $150 (Update, Sunder sold 06/05)
the Masakari for $110 (update 06/08 sold)

and the Hunchback for $95
On top of these I still have a few Hollander kits left and they are $70

Drop me an email at if you're  interested.


  1. Not sure if you heard me just now, but I made a "SQUEEEE" noise to see the Locust as the next kit. :D Can't wait to get my hands on one.

  2. So thats what that noise was.:)

  3. Can't wait for those new kits, and if I have a bit more dosh this pay day I'll pick up another Hollander.

    Still think you should put the Thunderbolt to the rubber though...

  4. Well I do have permission from the designer of that piece, my worry is that it is a fan design and probably wouldnt generate the sales needed to justify the expense.
    I would need 12 to 15 pre-paid orders to run that Thunderbolt.
    Actually, I believe he named it the Mjolnir