Friday, March 11, 2016

My attentions are seriously divided.

Im all over the place. I freely admit it. One day Im working on a mech(like the Atlas) then I look to my left and see the DL-44 blaster that needs more work
or the other one
but then that reminds me of the Dredd lawgivers that I still need to clean, crappy Stallone version
and awesome 2012 version built around a working airsoft Glock.
Then I look over and see the Halo pistol I recently acquired.
Awesome piece from Tactonyx Studios. With working trigger and slide and removable clip. Even the laser sight is removable.  And of course this reminds me to get back to pepakuring my HALO Reach armor.

Which I hope to have done by end of summer. And by done I mean resined, fiberglassed, bondoed, sanded primed painted. Shit, so much to do.
And I still have mechs to get back to.

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