Monday, March 7, 2016

Atlas on my desk.

Well Ive been sidetracked lately  with prop making for friends and family the last few months. Conventions and such. A few swords, a big ass hammer for a Harley Quinn costume, a few guns and of course hard at work on Halo Reach Noble 6 armor for myself. Pics of some of those will follow soon enough. But for now....

Like many of you out there an Atlas probably just arrived at your door recently thanx in no small part to the efforts of our good buddy Tim Fusco. He put up the capital for it. and he really pushed to get this kit off my desk and into your hands and I have to admit Im glad he did.   Of course a shout out goes to Jimi Glancy for the casting. As always a top notch job.

So this is the only pic Ive taken so far, after the initial unwrap the amount of parts is kinda overwhelming. Only 1 part didnt make it thru the whole casting process. Which is understandable when there are so may parts to keep track off. There was a part that was supposed to be slotted into the neck slot to allow for the Standard head to sit correctly. For a quick review have a look here

This was my first part education some months ago. As you can see I talk about the different heads and what to do for them.  Without the spacer part you'll need to just add a couple of styrene layers to bring it up to the right height. There are  no mods that need to be done to heads at all.
Everything else should be straightforward to any modeler with experience with resin kits.

Have to do the usual bath and flash cleanup but I should be able to get to building in a few days.

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